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How is different from the monitoring of the inverter brands?

Smart-Sun WebApp makes possible what the regular monitoring do not. Analyzes for you how your installed systems are performing. So you can use this information to keep great relations with your customers and help increase sales.

How is the data obtained?

Is a pretty simple and automatic process. You can choose the brand of the Inverter or MicroInverters, and provide an authorization to access the data and we will take care of the rest. You can setup a New PV System of a customer in a matter of minutes. See the proccess.

How We do it?

We use data science strategies to get valuable information from the data the solar monitoring is showing. This way, you can take care of your customers PV systems performances automatically and effortless. As much as 20 variables are taken into account to qualify performance of a PV System, such as orientation, tilt angle, time of year among many others.

Why We do it?

We want to help! We understand the struggle and effort required to close a Solar deal. Further more, solar deals tend to be a ONE time only sale. However, is has been proven that loyal customers that keep buying products and services from you tend to give more referrals, spend more, and are open to buy other product categories.

Think of this. How much would you make today if ALL your customers get a proactive service/maintenance visit?

What Inverter Brands be Analyzed?

We cover the most commercial brands of inverters. Check out what brands are now available to integrate in our inverter section.

How do I Subscribe and Enroll?

Subscribing is a pretty simple process that takes about 2 minutes. You just need to create an account with your email and password. You will have access for undefined time to use the service for free to add 1 Inverter or MicroInverters System. See how it works.

How do you handle the data?

All data is encrypted and saved securely using Oracle Cloud technologies. All analyzed data is property of the PV Owner and Solar Installer. Smart-Sun provides the technology through Data Science procedures to process it and get the knowledge the Solar Installer and its Customers need to keep their PV Systems running at the highest Performance possible. Find more information in our Privacy Policy section.

Do you have more questions?

Please write us at contact@smart-sun.net