Power up your revenue.

Smart-Sun's platform enables energy innovators optimize PV performance and automate reports, in order to improve your customers experience, support and sales.


Take care of your Customers PV performance

Effortless, Automatically and at Low Cost. While getting recurring revenue out of your customer portfolio.

Sell O&M Services

98% of PV owners are willing to pay for Operation & Maintenance services to take good care of their investments. 


Smart-Sun platform takes care of the 95% of activities required to sell and manage an O&M service at low operation cost.

Build Loyal Customers

Build Loyal customers, which tend to give up to 14 times more referrals than satisfied customers.


Smart-Sun fully automates periodic customers reports synchronized with their electric bill dates. Further more, each report contains a button so they can send you a new referral easily. 

Convert Complaints to sales

Convert complaint calls of probable PV system malfunctioning to Proactive Maintenance Paid Visits.


Smart-Sun will let you know in a timely manner if a PV system requires your supervision, while you prevent your customer of getting a high cost electric bill.

Smart-Sun WebApp

Uses Data Science and Machine Learning to valuate each hour of energy output to fully understand how well a PV system is performing. With this knowledge great benefits and features can be achieved. Learn all the Features & Reports you can get when using Smart-Sun.


Start Gaining Sales From Your Existing Customers

We understand how hard is to get a solar deal closed. Furthermore, Solar tends to be a One Time Sale. But, what if you were able to provide your solar customers additional services on a recurring basis? You would start building loyal not only satisfied customers. Thought: How much could you make if every customer paid you today an annual O&M fee?


All Inverter Brands in One App

Get all your customers monitoring in one place, no matter what Inverter brand you have installed. Smart-Sun WebApp not only gathers all monitoring information in one place, but understands if a specific PV systems requires your attention. Let Smart-Sun do the time consuming analysis of your customers PV systems so you can spend more time selling and installing. Find out the inverter brands that are supported.



Get One Inverter or MicroInverter System with all Features enabled.

No credit card needed!!!

Smart-Sun WebApp in Action

Real life cases

Thanks, now I realize that my energy needs are greater, Could you please check if we can Install more panels?

Tony G.

Home Onwer

2 String 8.2kW Inverter. One fuse blow up. The energy output was at half, but without a good punctual analysis the customer and the installer realized of the problem because the savings in the next electric bill where only half.

Solar Installer

Using Fronius Primo

With the report of more than 30 installations site, I can make sure that everything is going well. Every kWh makes a difference.

Maintenance Chief

Pharmacy Stores

"A loyal customer tend to spend more, refer more people, and is more willing to expand their purchasing into new categories." - Bain & Mainspring

Pricing & Plans

Plans are based on the volume of Devices you need to analyze.

Installer Advanced

Choose this plan when is getting harder to keep track of your installations performance.



$75.00 usd/mo

Advanced - Try it Free


Includes 100 Central Inverters or dataloggers.

Installer Professional

Use this plan when the volume of installations that need special attention is simply too high.



$130.00 usd/mo

Professional - Try it Free


Includes 200 Central Inverters or dataloggers.

Installer PRO 2.0

Best deal as you get as many installations analyzed as you need. Add new ones on the go.

The sun is the limit!


$189.00 usd/mo

PRO 2.0 - Try it Free


Starts with 300 Central Inverters or dataloggers

Features & Reports


 View all your customers inverter brands in just one WebApp. Visualize the status of all of them in a few seconds.


→ Smart Alerts, pay attention to the Performance PV issues that really need your attention.


→ Sell Maintenance Tool. Prepare an O&M quote in less than 2 minutes, let your customer access it in a link and allow your customer pay you through a PayPal subscription.


→ Maintenance Program Scheduler and Record. Keep an easy to track Visits schedule and binnacle of your customers Systems.


→ Get more referrals. Reports with a WhatsApp button so your customer can send you referrals easily




→ Automatic Savings Report sent to your customers with your brand, when they care the most; about the same time when their electric bill is due. Savings are calculated using their current electric tariff.


→ End of day report of generation with performance status of all your installed systems.


Daily Customer Report for Commercial or Industrial PV owner that need to have daily summary reports.


Weekly savings Report for Commercial or Industrial customers that need to keep in track savings obtained. 


CO‎2 and trees calculation for all your installed systems are contributing.

Get One Inverter or MicroInverter System with all Features enabled.

No credit card needed !!!

Features Preview

Visualize most brands inverter status in seconds.


Reports Automatically sent to your customers with your brand.

Accessible only from any device.


Easy to read information


Open the posibility to get a new referal on each customer report


Easily manage all your O&M programs


Prepare and send O&M proposals in minutes

Customize terms, price and periodicity payments. Receive your money in minutes when your customers chooses to pay through PayPal. 


Visualize in seconds Generation details


Diagnose in seconds what is going on



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